What are some tips for effectively burning candles?

1. Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4" at all times.
2. Candles should burn one hour for every 1 inch in diameter of the actual candle size. Each time you burn your candle, allow the entire layer to become a pool. This may take at least 1-3 hours.
3. Always burn on a heat resistant surface away from drafts, children, pets, and flammable items. Never leave your candle unattended while lit.
4. Stop use when there is only 1/4" of wax remaining.

How strong are the fragrances?

Our candles offer a comfortable amount of fragrance. Our candles will fill a room without it overpowering your space.

What is in your candle wax?

Our coconut wax is a vegan blend of natural soy and coconut, and a minuscule amount of highly refined food-grade paraffin wax. It has a creamy white appearance, exceptional adhesion and provides an excellent fragrance throw (both warm and cold), as well as exhibits an evenness of burn and wax consumption. Our coconut and soy waxes are gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free and come from renewable sources. The entire blend utilizes only FDA approved waxes.

Food Grade Paraffin

Food grade paraffin enhances the performance of our wax and give an excellent hot throw. Scientific studies have proven paraffin wax to burn just as cleanly as soy, beeswax, or palm. And the highly refined food-grade nature of our paraffin puts it in the natural category. You can learn more in this study performed by the National Candle Association.

Broken Item During Shipment

Our candles are packaged with care to help eliminate damage during transit. Though we strive for zero damage during shipments, breakage can happen. Package insurance is included with all orders via USPS. If damage occurs please take a picture of the damage items and the shipping label. Send us your pictures of the damage items and replacements will be sent within 3 business days.