Spring Scents

Baja Blossom: Refreshing blend of sun-kissed coconut with a soothing mix of sandalwood and musk. Other notes captured in this alluring fragrance are citrus and floral.

Gelato Rose: These roses really smell like… ICE CREAM!! That’s right! This creamy, dreamy soft floral candle will introduce you to a scent you did not know you were missing. Gelato Rose has a delightful blend of cream, sugar, rose, and jasmine. A light touch of musk elevates this fragrance beyond a sweet dessert. Perfect scent for the spring time!

Honeysuckle Jasmine: This floral, honey-sweet aroma will enlighten you with southern elegance. The open notes on this dreamy scent will introduce you to ginger and lemon before diving into the honeysuckle and jasmine. Hints of violet mingled with wood notes in the base creates a well-round floral fragrance. Add this scent to your spring collection!

Lavender: This candle is infused with natural essential oils including cedarwood, orange, lemon, and lavender. Perfect for anyone that would like to reduce nervous exhaustion and restlessness. Create a calming ambiance and enjoy the enchantment of fresh lavender meadows.

Sea Salt and Orchid: Enlighten your senses with this smooth and delicate scent. Botanical accords are gently swept by both sweet and salty notes. Experience an aromatic affair from the soothing base of sun-warmed woods, smooth vanilla, and soft musk.

Zen: Troubles be gone when you indulge in this calming and soothing fragrance. This clean herbal scent summons an apothecary atmosphere with a blend of lavender and aromatic woods.