Coastal Drive: Immerse yourself into the aromas of waves crashing on a rocky coastline. The air evokes your senses with the churn of the sea wrapped up in salt, sand, and water. Create a refreshing, yet relaxing atmosphere in any space of your choice.

Dark Water: Fill your space with this sweet oceanic smell with a hint of vanilla and amber. Go on a journey deep into the depths of what is known as dark water.

Library: Where the floors slightly creak, the stairs seem endless, and the bookkeeper protects the silence. This seductive, earthy aroma represents the essence of your favorite local library. This scent contains hints of leather, sandalwood, and dark musk.

Lost Woods: Captivation begins with hints of grapefruit, orange, and an infusion of sage. Amber and tonka adds a deep character to the base of this scent.

Luxe Linen: Escape to a luxurious sun kissed beach linen wrapped up in freshness. Get caught up in this clean and lusciously soft scent in any room, at any time. Enhance your special events with this aroma such as weddings and other formal events.

Sandalwood Vanilla: A soothing blend of earthy sandalwood and soft vanilla which brings a smooth masculine scent.

White Birch: Add a new sophisticated twist to pine scents with vivid notes of cypress, tonka bean, and eucalyptus. The aromatic crispness of this scent is a perfect year-round fragrance.