Baja Blossom: Refreshing blend of sun-kissed coconut with a soothing mix of sandalwood and musk. Other notes captured in this alluring fragrance are citrus and floral.

Cinnamon: This scent is very fragrant and spicy. A true treat for cinnamon lovers!

Coastal Drive: Immerse yourself into the aromas of waves crashing on a rocky coastline. The air evokes your senses with the churn of the sea wrapped up in salt, sand, and water. Create a refreshing, yet relaxing atmosphere in any space of your choice.

Cozy Cashmere: Get warm and cozy as you create a soothing ambiance with this fragrance. Enjoy the complexity of coconut butter, olive wood, and warm spices. This aroma is sure to invoke feelings of a soothing warmth associated with being wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

Dark Water: Fill your space with this sweet oceanic smell with a hint of vanilla and amber. Go on a journey deep into the depths of what is known as dark water.

Gelato Rose: These roses really smell like… ICE CREAM!! That’s right! This creamy, dreamy soft floral candle will introduce you to a scent you did not know you were missing. Gelato Rose has a delightful blend of cream, sugar, rose, and jasmine. A light touch of musk elevates this fragrance beyond a sweet dessert. Perfect scent for the spring time!

Georgia Peach: Hmmm...wondering how this Georgia Peach candle smells? This scent will envelop you into a place of fresh sun-kissed peaches on a warm, gentle breeze morning. Become captivated by this juicy fruit with its divine, sweet aroma.

Guavaberry: Enjoy this juicy, mouthwatering fragrance. Brace yourself for a fruity fusion impact of guava and strawberry with a finishing tropical blast of mango with passionfruit. Liven up your space with this summery fragrance.

Honeysuckle Jasmine: This floral, honey-sweet aroma will enlighten you with southern elegance. The open notes on this dreamy scent will introduce you to ginger and lemon before diving into the honeysuckle and jasmine. Hints of violet mingled with wood notes in the base creates a well-round floral fragrance. Add this scent to your spring collection!

Lavender: This candle is infused with natural essential oils including cedarwood, orange, lemon, and lavender. Perfect for anyone that would like to reduce nervous exhaustion and restlessness. Create a calming ambiance and enjoy the enchantment of fresh lavender meadows.

Luxe Linen: Escape to a luxurious sun kissed beach linen wrapped up in freshness. Get caught up in this clean and lusciously soft scent in any room, at any time. Enhance your special events with this aroma such as weddings and other formal events.

Mango Coconut: A modern tropical fusion of coconut and fresh mango with a hint of peach. Bring a burst of summer to any room with this luxurious fruit medley.

Raspberry Sangria: Sangria is an all-time favorite that can be created in various ways and tastes so incredible. Kick back and enjoy juicy red raspberries, plum, lemon and a generous amount of sweet red wine. This scent is topped off with a hint of orange as a garnish.

Sandalwood Vanilla: A soothing blend of earthy sandalwood and soft vanilla which brings a smooth masculine scent.

Sea Salt and Orchid: Enlighten your senses with this smooth and delicate scent. Botanical accords are gently swept by both sweet and salty notes. Experience an aromatic affair from the soothing base of sun-warmed woods, smooth vanilla, and soft musk.

Shoo Fly: Discourage those pesky bugs with our herbal blend of eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass and orange. Perfect for indoor/outdoor usage.

Snickerdoodle: MMM MMM! What is that deliciously sweet, cinnamon-sugar scent that is baking in the air? It's a candle...shhhh! Enjoy this sweet year-round classic as it introduces your sense of smell to butter, honey, cinnamon, sugar, and creamy vanilla. You won't regret it!

Sweet Vanilla: Sweet subtle touch of cream and an intense vanilla aroma.

Summertime, Save Me!: Looking for a getaway? Craving those vacation vibes? Look no further with Summertime, Save Me! Become enthralled by an explosion of tropical fruits with a hint of
rum. This fruity cocktail aroma is sure to introduce those summer vibes that you have been longing for.

Tikiwood: Tikiwood holds a very bold and masculine scent that leads off with top notes of peppercorn, spice, and ginger. This fragrance is infused with Patchouli, Cedarwood, Pimento berry, and Black Pepper. Fill up your space with its complex and sexy aroma.

White Birch: Add a new sophisticated twist to pine scents with vivid notes of cypress, tonka bean, and eucalyptus. The aromatic crispness of this scent is a perfect year-round fragrance.

Unscented: The name says it all. Scent free (: