Summer Scents

Coastal Drive: Immerse yourself into the aromas of waves crashing on a rocky coastline. The air evokes your senses with the churn of the sea wrapped up in salt, sand, and water. Create a refreshing, yet relaxing atmosphere in any space of your choice.

Fruit Blast: A complex combination with orange top notes followed up with fruity tones of banana and berry.

Gorgia Peach: Hmmm...wondering how this Georgia Peach candle smells? This scent will envelop you into a place of fresh sun-kissed peaches on a warm, gentle breeze morning. Become captivated by this juicy fruit with its divine, sweet aroma.

Guavaberry: Enjoy this juicy, mouthwatering fragrance. Brace yourself for a fruity fusion impact of guava and strawberry with a finishing tropical blast of mango with passionfruit. Liven up your space with this summery fragrance.

Mango Coconut: A modern tropical fusion of coconut and fresh mango with a hint of peach. Bring a burst of summer to any room with this luxurious fruit medley.

Raspberry Sangria: Sangria is an all-time favorite that can be created in various ways and tastes so incredible. Kick back and enjoy juicy red raspberries, plum, lemon and a generous amount of sweet red wine. This scent is topped off with a hint of orange as a garnish.

Shoo Fly: Discourage those pesky bugs with our herbal blend of eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass and orange. Perfect for indoor/outdoor usage.

Summertime, Save Me!: Looking for a getaway? Craving those vacation vibes? Look no further with Summertime, Save Me! Become enthralled by an explosion of tropical fruits with a hint of
rum. This fruity cocktail aroma is sure to introduce those summer vibes that you have been longing for.