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Nova Moon


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Adopt your own axolotl today! Fish tanks are not required. (:

I create each axolotl with care and love from my small business. It takes roughly six hours to make each axolotl and they are hand-painted for finishing touches. Each axolotl arrives to your home with an adoption card.

They are perfect as a gift for any occasion or you can simply keep them for yourself.

All axolotls are 3D printed and made to order.

Axolotls are approximately 6 inches.

PINK/ORANGE option changes with temperature.


This item is not suitable for small children. Pieces may become broken and can become a potential choking hazard.

3D printed items may have small lines in them. This is by design and is not a defect.

Axolotls are made to order. Processing Times: 7 - 9 Business Days (not including weekends).