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Nova Moon

Cleo Dream Vessels Wick Tool

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❗️ This tool is specifically for the following containers: ❗️

Inner Diameter 3.14 inches approx.
Dimensions 3.66 x 5.7 inches approx.
Volume 11.8 fluid ounces approx.

I am the worst when it comes to centering wicks. After a few failed attempts, I finally decided to create my own centering tool. This centering tool will help you get the best out of your candles and it's super easy to use! 😊 Simply insert the tool into the candle vessel, apply adhesive to your wick, and place the wick in the middle of the tool.

DISCLAIMER: Avoid leaving item out in high temperatures and using high temperatures to avoid possible damage.

***Cotton wicks may need additional centering assistance. ****Due to COVID, colors for tools may vary****

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