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Nova Moon

Fidget Snake

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Paint on Eyes?
Adopt your own rock snake today! Tanks are not required. (:

I create each rock snake with care and love from my small business. It takes roughly 17 hours to make and assemble each rock snake. Every snake arrives to your home with an adoption card.

Approximately 23 inches long.

They are perfect as a gift for any occasion or you can simply keep them for yourself.

All snakes are 3D printed and made to order.

PINK/ORANGE option changes with temperature.
PURPLE/PINK option changes with temperature.


This item is not suitable for small children. Pieces may become broken and can become a potential choking hazard.

3D printed items may have small lines in them. This is by design and is not a defect.

Snakes are made to order. Processing Times: 5 - 9 Business Days (not including weekends)

**I am an authorized U.S. seller of this model and pay a royalty for each sale of this model.**